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to build and support your team

Trust us to find the best benefits package for you.

In Flagler County the unemployement rate is at historic lows.  That makes it even more challenging to attract and retain the good employees you need to help you operate your business.   In some businesses your employees may interact more with your customers than you do.  If your business were a car, your employees would be your tires where the rubber meets the road.  That's why you need to be able to attract and retaain good employees with benefits.

At Gene Perez Insurance we have experience crafting plans that appeal to employees while not breaking the bank.  Do you have the time or experience to design plans that meet those parameters?   You need to concentrate on what you do best.  Let us do the research and plan design for you.  It costs you no more than if you did it yourself, but the hours you save will make you money


Gene Perez Insurance is local to Palm Coast and Ormond Beach.  However, we are backed up by Sunsure Insurance Solutions, Inc. Sunsure is one of the top agencies in Florida with over a hundred agents and hundreds of years of combined experience in all facets of group benefits dessign.  Give us a call.  In a few minutes we can determine if you and we should invest more time.  

Industries We Serve
  • We serve including but not limited to:,  ServiceTechnology, Finance, Construction, Manufacturing
  • Why Choose Us?  Expertise & Experience, Personalized Service, Access to Top Insurance Companies, Cost-effective Solutions
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